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Ambitiou$ Life 

Seasoned Vegan: Harlem's H​ealthy, Tasty Hub

By Brenika Banks


As the Veganism movement continues to grow, more people are becoming self-aware of healthier ways to sustain themselves...


Why is Hustlerz Paradise important to Bermuda?

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 7, 2020

For those who haven’t yet tuned in to watch Hustlerz Paradise, it is a YouTube crime drama, web series. Directed, written and produced by Bermudians. It takes place in Bermuda and 98% of the cast is Bermudian. This series which concluded its first season in late 2019 is due to return spring of 2020 for season 2. This is Bermuda’s first Series and it is damn good. It is Important to Bermuda because it has star potential. The writing isn’t lazy, the acting is fairly good despite the lack of investment Bermuda has in the entertainment section and most of all without the budget and resources of most series, one can argue that Hustlerz Paradise is on the same level as Television shows like the ‘Wire’ or the Fan favourite ‘Power’. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Bermuda. If the government and the citizens alike take pride in it, Hustlerz Paradise could soon be picked up by bigger networks like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. What would this mean for Bermuda? Well, for starters it will create jobs. From acting coaches, actors, directors, producers, managers, writers, artist, graphic designers, editors, make-up artist etc. The list can go on and on. With an influx of new money flowing through Bermuda, it will create employment for those who are deemed as unemployable. Given the right investment into this initiative, it will undoubtedly lead to positive results for Bermuda. Exports was a thing of the past for our country however, we can now export our talents and intellectual properties. I believe this couldn’t have been recognised without the success of the series which boast 82,801 views to date on YouTube. This doesn’t include the views on Digicel’s play go app which is another host for the series. Hustlerz Paradise executive producers Hafiz Dill, Shane Woodley and Donald Robinson have much to feel proud about. Leading a country into uncharted territories is definitely a difficult task but to do it successfully, is without measure, a great accomplishment. Creating a culture of acceptance and visionaries are seemingly impossible tasks but as the world is ever changing, we stand a great chance of accomplishing these feats. This is a great opportunity for Bermuda. It is my hope that the government can assist the production team in the form of relaxed regulations. Possibly allowing the team the access to better prop guns for a professional and cinematic feel. Equally important, is the citizens response and support of the series. The community can support by getting involved, liking and sharing. Influencing people to watch. In the near future, I foresee production studios being created, films being produced and aired globally, and the creation of multimillion-dollar companies. This isn’t creating a new wheel it’s simply introducing that wheel to our country for the benefit of our communities. Live ambitiously, peace and love. 

Ambitious Life

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 2, 2020

Ambitious Life is a platform that we created to inspire and inform. Our blog will be tackling conversations that are imperative to have, entertainment and some current events. Our Vlog ‘Millionaire Minds’ will be interviews with entrepreneurs, creators, etc. about their struggles, process and success of self-employment. Some of the solutions we are providing is opportunities for individuals who are incarcerated, we will edit, publish and monetize books for them. We will also assist those released from prison with no employment and individuals who are at risk to offend or reoffend. We will provide these opportunities by giving them a place on our team. Opportunities are available but not limited to be content producers, camera crew, website developers, speakers, writers, editors and lots more. For those who are not experienced in these fields will be trained by our staff and given courses to complete.

You can support our business by viewing, liking and sharing our content, purchases, donations and feedback, we’ll be pleased to have your feedback. Thank you for your support. Live ambitiously, peace and love. 

Street Philosophy 

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 2, 2020

 Street Philosophy is my latest book. I wrote this book while I was incarcerated and finally had the opportunity to publish it. In this book I will reveal short stories about my early life and examine them. I will also give my opinion on how I see the current state of Bermuda, and where we can go from here. Detailing my early childhood wasn't the easiest process to do, as it contains bitter moments for myself and my loved ones. Street Philosophy challenges the everyday hypocrisy that we are forced to accept. However, the hypocritical jargon is also a contributing fact, to the generation gaps. I will use arguments that I was exposed to, information that truly made me think. My hope is that when you purchase and read this book that it will have the same effect. I took the approach of compare and contrast on my latest edition to my catalogue because when I was incarcerated, one of the things I used to like was, watching the enlightened brothers debate about politics, race, religion and the occult. It used to make me think about the many contradictions that societies permeate. Discussions would get heated and I realized that we had philosophers in our midst who come from the street. They were great thinkers who challenge the status quo. I would also read ancient Greek Philosophers work. Inspired by the latter, I came to the conclusion that I will name this body of work the Street Philosophy. Once released from jail I would carry on the practice of debating and seeking more information in order to develop my own philosophy. Bouncing through many different concepts, I later realized that life isn't about staying in one place or grounding yourself in any particular philosophy but to explore and seek truth wherever it may lie. Live ambitiously, peace and love.